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Volta Oil Company is a leading supplier of wholesale gasoline and diesel products. We have over 50 years of experience providing 24/7 on time delivery service to a wide range of commercial industries both large and small. Trucking and Bus fleets, Marina fuel (offering Valvtect), State and local government agencies, Hospitals and Universities, and Heavy and light manufacturing are some of the customer categories that have come to rely on Volta Oil’s competitive pricing and superior service.



3 Primary Delivery Methods

Volta Oil provides bulk fuel delivery to both in-ground and above ground Bulk storage tank facilities. Our fleet of transports and professional drivers insures on time reliable service day or night. Our ability to source product from all major New England fuel terminals allows us to provide a competitive price and reliable product stream.

Volta Oil’s onsite delivery program offers service to small bulk yard tanks as well as servicing your direct to truck fueling requirements. With our fleet of pumper tankers we can provide 24/7 delivery service to your yard, fleet, or marina locations and work within your time frame without disruption to your operation.

Volta Oil is a proud member of the CFN Fueling network. With over 50,000+ fueling locations located throughout the US and Canada CFN is with you at every turn. Volta Oil offers our CFN members an additional cost savings program by providing an off pump price discount at all of our participating locations. CFN provides all the reporting and security programs you’ve come to expect from a first class fleet card service. This program is available to both large and small fleet customers at no additional cost.

Fixed Price Program

With extreme market volatility and historic price fluctuations in recent years Volta Oil can provide you with real time market intelligence and a wide range of pricing terms and options. From Full Fixed to fixed or floating differentials and Prompt Contract buys we have your fuel management programs covered. Volta Oil offers fixed pricing contract on variable gallon amounts to best fit your product requirements as well as rack pricing.